Saturday, July 10, 2010


Age is a funny thing. We all feel younger than we are. We think we look younger than we do. Reading articles about adult actors, ones who play parts that I think are older than me, usually end up actually being younger. My boss, who I thought was in her 40s, is my age. Depressing.

-- Post From My iPhone


Why do I always get my hopes up?

After 32 years, you'd think I'd learn a guy's mind. Sex, food, beer, sports, sex. There are rarely feelings, at least not where I'm concerned.

Yet another one comes along, I feel chemistry there, and I get my hopes up.

Why haven't I learned? 32 years. Obviously I'm an idiot.

The name of the blog says it, doesn't it? I'm doomed.

Three weeks ago, an employee found a kitten. She was 1 week old. I couldn't let her die. I took her home. Now I have 4. 4 cats, and another failed attempt at something besides complete lonliness forever.

Is it because I hadn't shaved? Because I wasn't prepared? My house was a mess? Will there EVER be someone that just sees ME? After 32 years, you'd think I'd learn that the answer is no.

So why do I always get my hopes up?