Saturday, October 9, 2010


What's the point of a blog if I'm not keeping up with it?

It's October 2010. 3 months ago, I quit my horrendous fulltime job. No, I didn't have anything else lined up. Yes, in THIS economy. Yes, I'm probably stupid

I've been looking nonstop. I've been rejected multiple times. I feel pretty worthless, and I'm quickly running out of money.

Ah, money. I had forgotten what an evil mistress you are.

The radio station is my saving grace, gives me a purpose. Still...

I find that being still single, with 4 cats (yes I kept the baby, you all knew I would), takes its toll.

I see from past posts that I've mentioned 3 guys so far.

Here's a 4th. He's younger. He's smart. He's a father. He's amazing in bed.

He's a complete douchebag.

Aren't they all?

Yet whenever I try to just forget about it, or call him out on his doucheness, he knows exactly what to say to get my hopes up again.

It's my usual pattern in an endless cycle of self esteem issues, made worse by not having a job to focus my attentions on.

My eldest cat just jumped on the bed, she seems to sense my irritation.

Good kitty.

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